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What a Waste, Not Another Uniform!

Earlier this week I sat in a meeting where corporate clothing was being discussed. If you are searching for a business idea or already in the recycling business looking for new customers, keep reading.  Looks like there’s a gap in the market.

Businesses are constantly undergoing a rebranding exercise.  Whether it is a result of a takeover or a relaunch of the business, the cost of rebranding can go into tens of thousands of pounds. A small chunk of this cost relates to the disposal of unwanted corporate uniforms and accessories still branded with the company’s old logo.  

It’s not just rebranding that leads to unwanted clothing.  Staff leaving the company, wear and tear, and on a personal level, as a parent having to purchase new school uniforms, all contribute to this problem.  The issue resonates across the industry affecting private businesses and public bodies alike.  Hospitals, schools, local councils and even universities have to find a sustainable and safe way of disposing their workwear. 

Whilst everyday clothing can be donated for reuse or recycling via clothes banks and charities, uniforms tend to be left out. There are barriers in the processes that lead to uniforms being disposed rather than recycled or reused.  Uniforms are often made from a blend of fibres which cannot be recycled.  What concerns organisations greatly is the security and misuse of their uniforms.  Imagine someone walking around your street pretending to work for the police or the local council! 

I would advise businesses to minimise logo use on clothing and the problem disappears, but in reality, logos are how organisations gain their reputation and customers, so making do without it is not so simple. 

If you have a keen eye for design and technology, and could find a way to unpick the embroidered logo or remove the printed logo from the clothing you could see yourself earning a good income in a relatively untapped market.  It would enable organisations to comfortably send their old uniforms for reuse and save a fraction of the disposal costs.  Let’s remember, the corporate workwear business is worth millions of pounds so managing it at the other end cannot be that far away.

Already in this line of business? Get in touch with businesses around you and let them know you provide a much needed service.  You’ll be surprised as to how many responses you receive.