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Welcome to Smart Money Green Planet, a sustainable lifestyle blog for beginners.

Hi, I am Reshma and I run the sustainable lifestyle blog, Smart Money Green Planet.

I write about home and garden ideas, as well as, natural skincare recipes to inspire you to achieve a minimalist home, develop a love for organic and edible gardening; and introduce you to an alternative non toxic, natural skincare routine.

You will also find blog posts about frugal living ideas to save money in the long run.

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How to Write an Environmental Policy

Have you ever wondered what is an environmental policy and how to write it? An environmental policy is a written statement, which an organisation will write and publish in relation to how it will manage the environmental impacts of its activities and operations.   Therefore, use the information in this post as a beginner’s guide to […]

SDG6 Business Support for Clean Water & Sanitation

This blog is about the role a business can play to support SDG6 clean water & sanitation.  I discuss how to save water, reduce water pollution and help global communities’ access clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.  In the process you will help the UN meet Sustainable Development Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation. Sources […]

SDG4 Role of Business in Quality Education

Education is the key to a better life. Everyone agrees! So what role can a business play in enhancing SDG4, quality education? The UN has also set a goal, known as SDG 4, Quality Education, to ensure people globally have access to quality education. SDG4 Quality Education The benefits of a sound education are countless. […]

How to Reduce Environmental Impacts of Coffee

How to reduce environmental impacts of your coffee – is there a connection between your morning cup of coffee and the environment? In this post I want to talk about artificial intelligence, referred to as AI and how we can use it to reduce the environmental impacts of coffee. I’m an avid coffee drinker, I […]

Why I am Supporting the UNs SDGs

I am writing this blog, ‘why I am supporting the UN’s SDGs’ to raise awareness of the sustainable development goals within the business community. This month I celebrated six months since the start of my blog, Smart Money Green Planet. When I first started, I did not know what would happen. I was not sure […]

SDG3 Business Support for Good Health and Wellbeing

How should a business support SDG3 Good Health and Wellbeing? This blog discusses the role a business can play towards sustainable development goal 3 to improve global health and wellbeing. If you live within the EU, you should have access to state funded healthcare and wellbeing facilities.  We may complain about the quality of the […]

Seeking Sustainability In Dubai

In a city boasting the world’s tallest skyscrapers and motion theme parks, I was quite pessimistic about seeking sustainability in Dubai. I will be the first to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The city is slowly embracing sustainability, you just have to dig much deeper. I’ve been meaning to write this blog for some time […]

Bamboo Straws, A Quick Review

Have you ever wondered what the alternatives to plastic straws would be? Whilst the answer should be no straw, paper and bamboo straws are growing fast in popularity.  Although paper straws are a better alternative to plastic ones, these too are often single use straws that will end up either in the rubbish or the […]

Greening The Office, A Quick Guide to Sustainable Procurement

When it comes to purchasing products and services, we are all customers. Whether it is a business to business, or a business to customer purchase, our custom should be valued. If you live in North America, you’ll be accustomed to the phrase ‘the customer is always right’. Unfortunately, here in the UK, this phrase does […]

5 Ways to Stop Food Waste and Save Money

5 ways to stop food waste and save money.  When you throw away food, you are actually throwing away money.  I have been in the environmental sector for a long time, but I did not fully appreciate the words ‘you are throwing money in the bin’ until recently.     I have always tried to be […]