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Sustainable Eid Gift Ideas for 2020

Sustainable Eid Gift Ideas

Last minute Eid gift ideas for 2020 that are available on Amazon and better for the environment.  Shoving £10 in an envelope for Eid is slowly fading away.  The practice of giving gifts for Eid is taking over the age-old tradition of giving money. 

If you have not already purchased your Eid gifts, do not panic, you still have time.  Below is a guide for gifts available on Amazon that your loved ones can still receive before Eid. 

Gifts for Eid were a rarity until a few years ago. I can remember receiving and giving money instead of gifts.  As generations progress, we find that gifts for Eid are gradually replacing the age-old tradition of giving money. Elders often gave money to the young ones.  Exchanging gifts over Eid was not a common practice.  However, nowadays, giving an Eid gift is becoming the norm.  Eid presents are no longer reserved for the young ones; we are buying them for everyone we love, including parents, spouses, siblings and grandparents.  Therefore, if you are looking for last minute Eid gift ideas, Amazon has a range of long lasting and reusable products that are also better for the environment. 

Below is a guide for Eid gifts you can find on Amazon in 2020.  We may not be able to celebrate Eid with our loved ones in 2020, but we can show them we care, with a small gift that can be delivered straight to their homes.

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Last minute Eid Gift Ideas for 2020

Personalised Eid Gift Ideas for Family

One of my favourite gifts, is a personalised item. I have a mug that my daughter gave me for mother’s day, which I absolutely adore.  Therefore, for a mum who is your rock and your superhero, a personalised mug or even a chopping board like the one below that she will use for years to come is perfect.  Alternatively, there are several other ideas to explore such as a set of wooden spoon sets and cushions with a message that sends your love all the time.

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Edible Gifts Ideas for Eid

How about giving an Eid gift that is edible, to those who love their sweets? Many small businesses on Amazon offer a range of baklavas gift boxes and organic honey which come in a recyclable boxes.  The honey jars can later be reused for spices or recycled.   

Eid Gift Ideas for Plant Loving Family Members

We all have someone in the family who adores gardening. Plants bring a lot of joy to people who love to care for others. Whether it is indoor plants or outdoor plants, we have a special connection with them. Below is a guide of plant ideas as well as unique stands and pots that you can gift someone for Eid this year.

Something For The Bedroom

Organic bedding made from sustainable sources such as bamboo.  Whilst bedding may not be on your radar as a gift for Eid, many people, especially our mums and grandmas do appreciate quality bedding sets.  Bed sheets made from Bamboo use less natural resources to produce. They are known to be hypoallergenic and reduce the amount of dust mites that normally live in our bedding.

Pamper Them Eid Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Skincare sets have always been a popular gift choice. If you are looking for a skincare set to give as an Eid gift to your husband or wife, go for a set that is organic and earthy. Nowadays, you can find organic skincare sets that are made specifically to care for women’s as well as men’s health.

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