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6 Reusable Products That Will Save You Money

Reusable Products Save Money

6 Reusable products that will save you money

Going green and buying long lasting, reusable products to save money is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint. 

About a decade ago, we did not have a good variety of reusable products.  However, the choice and range of products that are better for the environment is steadily growing. 

Whilst the reusable products range is on the rise, so is the customer base.  Fortunately, this growing demand is making everyday reusable items more affordable.   

Below are 6 reusable items to consider and where you can buy reusable products from if you want to save money and reduce waste, especially reduce plastic waste. Reusable items eventually end up paying for themselves, therefore they are worth looking into. 

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Reusable Face Pads For Makeup Removal

My favourite reusable swap to date has to be the washable makeup face pads, also known as face wipes.  A while ago, I wrote a review of the reusable bamboo face wipes.  I am still using the wipes and I have no plans of switching to disposable wipes in the near future. 

The bamboo face wipes are soft and remove makeup effectively.  I find, the bamboo face pads are one of the best ways to remove makeup. They are definitely worth the switch. 

Single use disposable wipes can cost you a lot of money as you need to replace them as soon as the pack is finished.  Reusable wipes on the other hand can be washed with your weekly laundry, thereby enabling you to use them repeatedly. 

Reusable bamboo face pads

In addition to reducing waste, moving from disposable face wipes to the reusable bamboo wipes will save you money.  The face wipes on amazon cost approximately £13.  It is a one-off cost; therefore, moving from single use disposable face wipes to the reusable bamboo wipes will easily save you between £20 -£50 a year. 

Here’s a calculation based on average use of disposable face wipes versus cost of buying reusable face wipes:

Assuming you purchase 2 packs per month of a branded face wipe such as Simple, Nivea or Freederm:

Single use face wipes (pack of 25):

£3 per pack x 2 packs x 12 months = £72 spent a year on face wipes.

Reusable organic bamboo face wipes (pack of 16 wipes):

£13 per pack x 1 pack x one off purchase = £13

That is a saving of more than £50. The reusable face wipes are bound to last at least two or more years, therefore saving you a heck of a lot of money year on year.

Switch To Reusable Menstrual Cups To Save Money

As the environmental impacts and costs of single use sanitary products come to light, reusable menstrual cups are gaining popularity.  Menstrual cups, such as, the Pixie Cup have the potential to save you money in the long run. 

The benefit of the reusable feminine menstrual hygiene cup is that it reduces waste, reduces the amount of plastic being used in the production of disposable products and simultaneously saves you some money. In addition, you will never run out of sanitary protection or get caught off guard. 

reusable menstrual cup

The cups are small enough to fit in your bag or purse.  Although menstrual cups can be fidgety when you first use them, with time they become easier to use.  If you are worried about sterilising them, you can get a mini sterilising cup, such as the one offered by the Pixie Cup

Reusable menstrual cups have the potential to save you money if you continue to use them.  Their reusable nature makes them an ideal candidate when switching from sanitary pads.  They are a one off purchase costing approximately £20, but you will save anywhere from £10 to £30 every year from thereon. 

Reusable Shopping bags

It has been a while since single use plastic bags were phased out in the UK. If you are looking to buy reusable shopping bags, then opt for bags made from organic cotton. 

Whilst plastic bags will not make a big dent in your overall saving budget, it will significantly reduce the environmental impact of plastic bags.  By choosing reusable shopping bags made from organic cotton and ideally buying them locally, not only will you reduce plastic waste, you will also lower the carbon footprint of your bags. 

Go Green Save Money

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Reusable Coffee Filter to Save Money

My new find, is the reusable coffee filter, which saves me a few pounds every month.   My husband and I are avid coffee drinkers, so I was spending approximately £3 every month on the filters.  By the end of the year, that is £36 spent on single use filters.   

Switching to a reusable coffee filter that is affordable, such as the one from Westmark saves hundreds of filters from being discarded each year.  The average price of a reusable coffee filter is £10.  The filter should last several months or years depending on their usage and save you at least £20/year. 

Reusable coffee filter to save money

Reusable Lunch Boxes

Ditch the plastic sandwich wrapper for a stylish and more eco-friendly lunch box, such as a bento box.  Bento boxes are made from bamboo. They are slowly gaining popularity because of their eco-friendly properties.   

Bento boxes incorporate bamboo fibres, which grow fast.  Their manufacturing process is not resource intensive.  Therefore, not only are bento boxes a great option as a reusable lunch box, they last long and reduce our reliance on plastic.

Reusable lunch box to reduce plastic waste

Reusable Faces Masks

My final reusable product to save money is the face mask.  Face masks are starting to become the norm in our everyday lives. Due to their single use nature, like face wipes, they too are likely to become costly as they become part of our daily life. 

To reduce waste from single use face masks, it is better to choose reusable face masks that are made from long lasting materials. 

The mask will initially cost £10 – £20.  A box of 50 disposable face masks are sold at the same price range.  Therefore, opting for a reusable face mask, which will last you the whole year instead of 50 single uses and cost far less, in the long run, just makes sense.

Reusable face masks to save money

A Final Recap

By swapping from every day single use products to reusable long lasting items, you will:

  1. Reduce how much waste you produce on a daily basis
  2. Reduce the carbon footprint of your products and;
  3. Save money.

By the time you add up all of the savings made by switching the items mentioned above, you are looking at a saving of £200 or more each year. 

If you are on a budget to save more money, then opting to go green and choosing reusable products is definitely the way forward.

Save Money while Saving the Planet

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