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Welcome to Smart Money Green Planet, a sustainable lifestyle blog for beginners.

Hi, I am Reshma and I run the sustainable lifestyle blog, Smart Money Green Planet.

I write about home and garden ideas, as well as, natural skincare recipes to inspire you to achieve a minimalist home, develop a love for organic and edible gardening; and introduce you to an alternative non toxic, natural skincare routine.

You will also find blog posts about frugal living ideas to save money in the long run.

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Kiwifruit Facemask with Yogurt

Have you ever tried making a kiwifruit facemask? The next time you have a piece of kiwifruit that is destined for the bin, think about how you can extend its benefits to soothe your skin. Health Benefits of Kiwifruit We know how beneficial kiwifruit is to our bodies. Kiwifruits, a native of New Zealand, are […]

Recipes for Essential Oil DIY Aromatherapy Products

How to make essential oil DIY homemade aromatherapy recipes. I am completely in love with essential oils.  I use them to scent the home, add them to face toners and make essential oil DIY diffusers for a good night sleep.  However, I realised that I was not using them to their full potential.  Which is […]

Nourishing Coconut Oil Recipes for Hair Treatment

Nourishing coconut oil recipes for hair treatment. Have you ever noticed that 6 or 8 months after a haircut, your hair starts to feel dry and brittle?  Constant use of hair products, such as dyes, straightening products, shampoo and even conditioners eventually take a toll on the health of our hair.  Unless you spend lots […]

Creamy Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes You Can Make at Home

Creamy homemade sugar scrub recipes can moisturise and exfoliate your skin for literally pennies.  Using everyday natural ingredients from your kitchen means less waste and less spent. You will save a lot of money because you will no longer need to buy brand names or worry about going to a beauty salon frequently.  Ever since […]

Green Homes Grant | How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Green Homes Grant ÔÇô How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency Making your home energy efficient is one the best ways to save money on energy bills.  Therefore, if you have been thinking about making your home energy efficient, then this winter will be the right time to get started.  Households across the UK may […]

6 Reusable Products That Will Save You Money

6 Reusable products that will save you money Going green and buying long lasting, reusable products to save money is one of the best ways to reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint.  About a decade ago, we did not have a good variety of reusable products.  However, the choice and […]

6 Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

6 easy ways to reduce food waste and save money If you have ever experienced being handed a final grocery bill that is double your expected spend, then you will understand why reducing food waste is important to saving money. There were times when I underestimated how much my shopping bill will come up to […]

Can A Minimalist Lifestyle Help With Becoming Debt Free?

How can we adopt minimalist living and become debt free? Being a minimalist does not mean you should live in an empty house. It means living in a home that has all the essentials, but it is free of un-required items.  A minimalist simple living is one of many ways to get out of debt […]

Frugal Living Tips To Save Money

5 Frugal Living Tips to Save Money If you are thinking about how you can get into the rhythm of saving money, then you have come to the right place.  Frugal living is one of the best ways to save money does, but it does not come naturally to everybody.  Some people are great at […]

6 Practical Kitchen Counter top Food Compost Bins You Will Love

Practical Kitchen Counter top Food Compost Bin Options Whether you have a food waste service available to you, or you are composting your vegetable scraps at home, composting is starting to become the norm.  If you live in a city like London, you probably have a local food waste collection service available to you.  If […]