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How To Reduce Visual Clutter (fast)

How To reduce visual clutter. Home organisation is more than just about keeping the home organised and clean. You can spend hours cleaning a room, but if you have a lot of stuff, it will still look messy and chaotic.  Not only does visual clutter make a room look consistently untidy, it also causes unnecessary anxiety. 

Therefore, to keep anxiety at bay, it is time to aim for an easy to clean, clutter free tidy home; which can be achieved through a full decluttering of the home. By doing so, you will spend less time cleaning or organising and more time enjoying a decluttered home.

To get started with a decluttered home, consider creating the beautiful space using a minimalist mindset and firstly reduce visual clutter.  Create home which takes less cleaning hours and is pleasant be in.

There are 3 steps to creating a minimalist, clutter free home:

  1. Reduce visual clutter
  2. Reorganise
  3. Go Green

Reduce Visual Clutter – Step One

Winter often arrives with the winter blues. Whilst it is the start of the year, it is also a time when we decide what changes to make during the year. 

If decluttering and aiming for a minimalist home is on your list, then winter and early spring are perfect times to get the job done.  There is not much to do whilst we wait for winter to pass, therefore, do not waste the months, put them go good use. 

Declutter your rooms. The best way to start the decluttering process is to start with reducing visual clutter. Start with one room, one area at a time.

For example, living rooms are often where most time is spent. Therefore, start in the living room and work your way across the home. Take your time. There is no rush.

Remove items that are in your vision first. When you are in the process of reducing visual clutter, the aim is to keep less items on display. 

If items are in good and reusable condition, consider giving them to charity or selling them on platforms such as preloved or eBay.

Group items that you want to keep and store them in existing, well thought storage spaces. Be creative with existing storage space. 

If you are struggling with space, then look into storage boxes that will compliment your current space. 

Store items that you do not want to part with in minimalist style storage boxes.

Wooden Storage Box

Reorganise to Reduce Visual Clutter – Step Two

Sometimes the best way to feel good about your space is to reorganise it. Once the room has been decluttered from all of the visual clutter, it is time to reorganise the room.  For example, change the layout of the living room so that you can see the outside more. Allow natural light to easily flow into the room.

Reorganisation of a room should also consider uniformity.   A space that has uniformity is less likely to feel messy and more likely to please the eye.

When seeking uniformity, use storage boxes of a similar style to reduce visual clutter. Having too many different styles and patterns can make a room feel cluttered.

Therefore, one way of achieving this is by ensuring that your storage boxes are similar in style, colour, texture and material. 

Go Green for the Minimalist Room – Step Three

Let this be the year of a minimalist home. Commit to buying less.

However, if you have the impulse to spend, shop sensibly. Consider natural decor or houseplants to create the green and eco look. 

The market is saturated with beautiful houseplants and earthy plant pots that are fit for any sized room.

Money Tree
Money Tree Plant

Not only do houseplants make a room look vibrant and caring, they clean our indoor air and they are linked to our good health and wellbeing. 

According to an article in Psychology Today, plants, have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing.  For example, they improve mood, reduce stress and alleviate symptoms of depression.  Therefore, compliment your newfound minimalist room with greenery instead of more clutter.

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