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How to care for Succulents Indoors

How To Care for Succulents

You saw and fell in love with gorgeous mini desert houseplants that will look perfect in your home. So you brought them home, placed them on the sunniest window and hoped for the best. But now you wonder how to care for succulents indoors. This happens to most of us. We purchase houseplants on a whim because homes decorated with houseplants give out a relaxed ambience. 

Plants are like people. Whilst most houseplants need a lot of tender, love and care there are others that want to be left alone.   Therefore your new housemates will thrive if they get the right conditions once they arrive home.

The Leave me Alone Plants

Desert plants, which are commonly known as succulents, belong to the group thriving on neglect.   Therefore, succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for indoors.  However, they too need the right conditions to do well.  Once you place them in the right spots, you can forget about them.  That is how easy these desert plants can be when take them home. 

Why Care for Succulents Indoors

If you are someone who really wants to keep indoor plants, but cannot maintain them, then succulents are definitely meant for you.  They are easy to care for, they do not need a lot of watering or re-potting. 

Succulents also make ideal gifts even if the recipient is not green fingered. Nowadays, succulent plants are available everywhere.  They are also relatively cheap to buy if you get them in the mini variety.  You can pick one up from your local supermarket or then purchase it from a specialist shop.  Either way, a number of places offer these desert beauties.

A very close friend has gifted most of mine. She will soon be on her new family adventure thousands of miles away.  The succulents gifted by her will be a memory of the amazing days we spent together as friends and moms. 

How to Care for Succulents Indoors

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Water requirements for succulents indoors

Succulents do not need moisture rich soil.  Their dessert ancestry makes them the perfect houseplant for anyone who forgets to water their plants on a regular basis. These plants need to be watered when the soil is dry.  Imagine the desert environment. 

They do not receive a lot of water on a regular basis, but when they do, the leaves absorb as much as they can, which is why they are called succulents.  So when you are watering them, make sure the soil is dry.

Sunlight for succulents indoors

Succulents are desert plants and that is what makes them easy to maintain.  However, because they are desert plants, they need a lot of brightness.  Having said that, some plants will require direct sunshine most of the day and others will need brightness, but not sunlight. Therefore, if you want your succulents to flourish, study your home first and then choose the type of succulent that will thrive in your home.

Soil type

Most gardening experts will tell you to move your succulent from its potted soil into a desert dweller mix. The desert dweller mix is a combination of soil, a bit of sand and loose rocks to mimic their original growing habitat. I have kept mine in the same pots that they arrived in and they are fine. 

As long as you do not over water the plant, you should be fine using any well drained soil variety. So I would not worry too much about finding a soil type that is right for your succulent until you are ready to grow more varieties.

Which Succulents to Grow Indoors

The market is full of new and unique varieties.  The most important aspect to think about is how much sunshine the house receives.  Choose plants that will thrive in their new home.

Start out with a few different types of these beautiful desert plants. Most varieties are now available to buy on Amazon.


There are over 40 varieties of this Dudleya also known as Echeveria.  Most varieties are a single rosette type plant.  Although they are supposed to be grown outdoors, you can grow them indoors in colder regions. Place the pot is a sunny spot and water it occasionally when the soil is bone dry. 

Dudleya Succulent

From my experience, the rose shaped plant will grow as wide as its plant pot.  I have had this variety for about 3 years now, originally purchased as a baby plant.  I re-potted the plant once.  Since then it has grown into its pot, but has not grown any further.  If you want it to grow into a large floret, re-pot it into a big plant pot and leave it.

Gollum Jade Plant

These belong to a family called Crassula. This variety is also known as the Gollum Variety. It grows in a tubular straw like manner.  The straw like leaves give it a lot of character. When I first got the plant, I made the mistake of placing it in the bathroom.  Although the bathroom is bright, it is a damp environment.  The plant did not die, but it was not growing either. 

Gollum Jade Plant
Jade Plant know as Gollum

Since moving it to its new place, which is sunny and dry, the tubes are growing.  The plant can grow up to a metre high so I am looking forward to it growing.   This variety will grow in bright places but it does not need direct sunlight all the time. The plant needs sunshine for a few hours every day, but not all day. Like the other succulents, only water when the soil is dry.

Ripple Jade Plant

The ripple jade plant also belongs to the Crasula family. The leaves grow in a beautiful ripple and the edge of the mature one have a pink tint. This variety loves the sun, so placing it in a location that has full sunlight for most of the day will make it thrive. It does not require much watering. When the soil dries out, give it a good drench and then leave it to dry out again.

Ripple Jade Plant
Ripple Jade
Aloe Plants

Aloe plants are some of the most common succulents that you will find in most houses. They are easy to grow and they do no need a lot of direct sunlight. If you place the plant in a bright room, but away from sunshine, it will thrive. Watering, once again, only water when it is dry.

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