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Green Homes Grant | How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Green Homes Grant – How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Making your home energy efficient is one the best ways to save money on energy bills.  Therefore, if you have been thinking about making your home energy efficient, then this winter will be the right time to get started.  Households across the UK may be eligible for Rishi Sunak’s green homes grant, which could give you up to £5,000 towards your energy saving installations. 

The scheme is likely to become popular because the government is part funding home energy improvement costs. It is a good way to save money and improve your home’s energy usage at the same time.

Under the £2bn green homes grant, landlords and homeowners could receive up to £5,000 to make energy saving improvements to their homes.  Low income households will benefit from the scheme by receiving up to £10,000 per household.

Whilst the scheme sounds fantastic, it is essential to understand how it will work in reality.  Below is a breakdown of how the scheme will work. The government has approved suppliers to assess your home and deliver the green deal. Further information is provided on their website. A link to the website is available at the end of this post.

Why did Rishi Sunak announce the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

In 2020, Chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced that households will be eligible for grants to make their homes energy efficient.  The green homes grant announcement was made for 2 main reasons:

  1.  The green homes grant scheme for households is part of the UK government’s strategy to tackle climate change.  In order to reduce the UK’s impact on the environment, the government is optimist that the scheme will speed up the implementation of energy saving measures across households in the UK. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions, which can be achieved if we use less heating and electricity in the home and opt for renewable green energy sources. 
  2. The green homes grant scheme will give the economy a boost whilst it struggles to cope with job losses during the Covid pandemic.  The year 2020 has been devastating for millions of people across the world.  The pandemic will result in job losses globally and the UK will not be immune to this wave of job losses.  Therefore, Rishi Sunak’s green homes grant to improve energy use in the home will become a lifeline for some sectors and provide jobs for thousands of people. 

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How will I benefit from energy saving home improvements?

Whilst the initial cost of the energy saving scheme may seem high, it is anticipated that the measures you put in place will save you hundreds of pounds in energy bills every year.  Once installed, they will serve as easy ways to save energy in the home, which in turn should reduce energy bills.

The green deal grants will cover costs for energy efficient installations. These installations are some of the most suitable ways to save energy in the home. Installations that will be covered in the scheme are:

  • Energy efficient windows such as double glazing
  • Insulation, such as solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation
  • LED or Low energy lighting
  • Energy efficient doors, such as drought proof doors
  • Upgrade heating and boiler options
  • Installation of renewable energy options such as solar panels or heat pumps.

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Who can apply for the green homes grant?

According to the government website, any household in the UK that has an electricity meter can apply for the green homes grant.  The grant will cover approximately two thirds of the installation cost up to a maximum of £5,000.  Therefore, if you receive a quote for £5,000, then the grant will give you £3,750 towards the bill.  On the other hand, if the cost comes to £10,000, the green homes scheme could cover up to £5000. 

This is something to remember when you are thinking about using the scheme to part fund your green energy solutions – it will only cover 2/3 of the cost to a maximum of £5,000.  Low income households, however, will get the installation fully funded up to a maximum of £10,000.

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Green Homes Grant – How to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Step One

The government has already published a list of suppliers to assess and install energy saving measures to your home.  Contact a green deal assessor to carry out an assessment of your home.  The assessor will provide you with a report of recommendations called the Green Deal Advice Report.  It is worthy to note, that the assessor may charge a fee to do the assessment, which should be communicated to you in advance.  Only recommendations made in your report will be eligible for the green homes grant. 

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Step Two

Once you receive your report from the approved green deal assessor, you need to decide how to proceed with installation and payment.  *Below are options published on the government website to help you proceed with your installation – You can:

  • Ask a Green Deal provider to arrange installation and pay for the work yourself
  • Ask a Green Deal provider to arrange installation and a Green Deal finance plan to pay for the work
  • Get your own installers to fit the improvements and pay for them yourself
  • Pay for the work in more than one way, for example a Green Deal finance plan, with money from another scheme or money of your own
  • Some companies provide all the services for a Green Deal package – assessment, finance and installation. You can choose to use a different company for each service.

* Source: Government Green Deal

Finally – Reaping the Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

The recommendations made by the assessor will enable you to install energy saving measures that are appropriate to your home.

Once you have decided to use the government’s Green Homes Grant to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you can rest assured that the saving you make from using less energy is going to reduce your overall carbon footprint, provide jobs during the pandemic and an easy way to save money in the long run.   

Whilst it may not be a saving that you will see straight away, it is going to be a sensible and practical way to save money, which you will reap in years to come. 

*Information correct at time of post publication.

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