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Welcome to Smart Money Green Planet, a sustainable lifestyle blog for beginners.

Hi, I am Reshma and I run the sustainable lifestyle blog, Smart Money Green Planet.

I write about home and garden ideas, as well as, natural skincare recipes to inspire you to achieve a minimalist home, develop a love for organic and edible gardening; and introduce you to an alternative non toxic, natural skincare routine.

You will also find blog posts about frugal living ideas to save money in the long run.

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How to Plant Tulip Bulbs for Spring Flowers

How to plant tulip bulbs for Spring flowers.  There is nothing quite as beautiful as seeing early Spring flowers.  When gardens start to bloom with vibrant colours, you know that Spring is finally here.  Tulips are some of the prettiest Spring flowers you can have in your garden.  The flowers are available in a variety […]

Which Flowers Do Bees Like?

With the array of flowers in the garden, it is not surprising that many ask which flowers do bees like? Not every flower is good for pollinators. Gardeners who love to grow vegetables need bees to pollinate their flowering vegetables and fruits.  Therefore, to make it easier for you to navigate through the complex world […]

Plant Roses In Pots | 6 Easy Steps for Beginners

How To Plant Roses In Pots – A Beginner’s Guide If you want to plant roses in pots, the good news is that it is a lot easier than you think.  Potted roses still bring vibrancy and fragrance to a garden and often make us smile.  Experienced gardeners tend to grow roses across their gardens, […]

Eco Friendly Garden – 12 Simple Tips on How To Start One

Eco friendly garden, how to start one by using 12 Simple tips. Being eco-friendly is the right thing to do, so how do you make your garden eco friendly?  The health of the environment is at the top of the list for most people nowadays.  However, if you are not eco minded, it could be […]