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Bamboo Straws, A Quick Review

Have you ever wondered what the alternatives to plastic straws would be? Whilst the answer should be no straw, paper and bamboo straws are growing fast in popularity.  Although paper straws are a better alternative to plastic ones, these too are often single use straws that will end up either in the rubbish or the recycling bin, depending on their usage.

In the process of becoming more sustainable I came across an eco-friendly alternative which ditches the single use concept, Bamboo Straws.   I have seen  Bamboo products such as toothbrushes on social media, but I hadn’t seen straws made from Bamboo until recently.

A start up business, White Spring, offered Ethical Influencer bloggers the opportunity to try out the new straws and post a review.  Naturally, I reached out.

Given that I’ve now been using the straws for a week, what’s my verdict?

I like them, they’re different, definitely a conversation starter.  My kids are intrigued and think they’re cool.   My son, 9 years old, had 3 friends over after school last week and he came up to me and said “mummy, don’t forget to give us the new bamboo straws, they’re so cool”.   So they’re a hit with the young ones. As for me, the I find the straws useful for most drinks, juices and soft drinks, not sure about homemade smoothies as they tend to be thicker than the shop bought drinks.

Whilst I’m a bit wary of the internal fibres, giving them a good wash before every use should remove them.  The pack from White Spring comes with 2 skinny brushes perfect for washing the inside of the straws.  There are 8 straws in the pack which come in a white bag.   The bag is useful especially if you need to take the straws out with you.

White Spring started the company because the current trend of using and disposing millions of plastic straws did not feel right.  They believed there must be another alternative, and that’s when they started to sell the bamboo straws on Amazon.

Bamboo is grown naturally without pesticides.   The straws are 100% biodegradable, reusable and compostable. These straws are BPA, Phthalate and PCP free.  No dyes, inks or preservatives are used in the making of the straws.  With good care the straws should last a long time.

The pack is price ranges from £6 to £10 which comes with 8 natural bamboo straws.  They are reusable and will last months.  The pack also contains 2 cleaning brushes and a travel cotton bag.  When you think about how many plastic straws you’ll be saving from going into our landfills, rivers and oceans, it’s suddenly not that big a price to pay.

You can buy the straws from Amazon.  So if you’re thinking of giving an environmentally friendly gift this Christmas, make sure you add the White Spring Bamboo pack to your list.

Overall, given the nature of the material, its environmentally friendly disposal option, rustic and natural look, I think Bamboo straws from sustainable sources could be the way forward.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to read your comments.