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Hi, thank you for visiting smart money green planet. I am Reshma, and I run the sustainable lifestyle blog, Smart Money Green Planet. I write about eco home and garden ideas, eco friendly skincare and frugal living tips. 

Use these ideas to create a minimalist home, develop a love for flower and edible gardening; and seek a non toxic, natural skincare routine.

You will also find blog posts about frugal living and minimalist lifestyle ideas to save money in the long run.

Why I Started a Sustainable Lifestyle Blog

Like most lifestyle bloggers, I am a mom, I work full time in the environmental sector and I started the sustainable lifestyle blog out of my passion to achieve an eco-friendly, green and natural lifestyle.

My passion revolves around making small changes in the home and garden to enhance a greener lifestyle. I started the blog to share my ideas with businesses. However, it evolved to blogging about sustainable living in the home and garden.

Everyone wants to make a change to improve the environment, but they are never sure about how to do it. Therefore, I decided to share ideas of how to make those small changes to move towards a greener and sustainable lifestyle.

For example, starting a herb garden, switching to an organic cleanser, decluttering a wardrobe, saying no to a plastic straw, and introducing a houseplant; all of these are choices we can make for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. By changing how we manage our lives, we can change the future of our environment and that of our children.

Smart Money Green Planet is an online sustainability blog dedicated to positively impact people and the environment.

How to Achieve a Sustainable Lifestyle

My Objectives Are Simple, To Help You:

  1. Start your own personal journey to an eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle.
  2. Enhance the quality of life for people impacted by your sustainable lifestyle choices, for example, buying ethically and fairly traded products.
  3. Improve the health of the planet affected by your buying habits, such as choosing zero waste options, deep cleaning your bathroom cabinets instead of replacing with brand new ones, trying organic plant based skincare products etc.

The minimalist home, garden, health and beauty sections focus on everyday sustainable lifestyle changes that you can make.

Sustainable living is about our personal choices. We do what we can to leave behind a better world for our future generations.

It is not about changing our lives completely, it is about making small lifestyle changes and choices that will collectively have a big impact.

Sustainable Business

When I first started to blog, I wrote several posts on how businesses can adapt practices to become environmentally friendly. Smart Money Green Planet’s sustainable business blogs bridge the gap between the private sector and supply chain corporate social responsibility.  By following the blog your businesses can harness environmental performance, identify sustainable solutions and deliver projects to enhance the livelihood of people and the planet whilst simultaneously improving your bottom line.

How Smart Money Green Planet Blog Works

I blog about sustainable ideas, you can implement some or all of the ideas.

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