Smart Money Green Planet works with businesses to deliver environmental and sustainability projects across supply chains.  We identity and implement projects to improve the lives of people and the planet affected by a business’ activities.  To learn more about us, visit the About Us section or contact us using the contact us form.

We also deliver sustainability themed workshops and events to engage and raise awareness of environmental impacts among staff.

The last few months have seen the private sector respond to public and media pressure due to plastic pollution, climate change and unethical treatments of employees within a supply chain.  As a part of CSR commitments large corporations are now expecting their supply chains to demonstrate the measures they are taking to reduce their environmental and social impact.

Environmental & Sustainability Supply Chain Projects – How it Works

  1. Corporations contact us with their corporate social responsibility commitments.
  2. We then work with them to find sustainable solutions to impact their supply chains.
  3. We deliver the projects, measure impact and report back to the corporation for its CSR reporting.

To maximise the social and environmental impact of our projects we incorporate the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.

Other Environmental and Sustainability Services We Offer

We also offer environmental and sustainability consultancy services to small and medium sized businesses within a supply chain.  We work with businesses interested in engaging with environmental and social issues, but don’t know where to start.

From reducing waste to decreasing energy, Smart Money Green Planet, will develop sustainability performance plans and activities to advance sustainable initiatives at your company.

Becoming a responsible and green organisation can enhance a company’s corporate image, lead to a new customer base and result in efficiency savings that you may not have considered previously.

Option 1: Find Your Unique Sustainable Development Goal

The United Nations published a list of 17 sustainable development goals, known as SDGs.  The goals aim to protect people and the planet. Amongst a number of areas, the UN wants to tackle poverty, hunger, reduce consumption and production.  Other goals tackle climate change, increase access to clean energy, sanitation facilities, empower gender equality, education, healthcare, peace and prosperity and sustainable cities etc. by 2030.

Every individual, including small businesses within supply chains will have an impact on the environment and people.

Let’s start by identifying and positively impacting the one SDG that your business affects the most with our Sustainability Performance Mapping exercise.

We can carry out a sustainability performance mapping with your business.  You will receive a report outlining how the organisation is performing in key areas such as waste and recycling, energy and water consumption, ethical purchasing, community engagement and a number of other sections.  It will identify the key sustainable development goals, SDGs that your business has the most impact on.

The report can be utilised to set initiatives and programs to assist your business in reducing your environmental and social impacts even further and show how your business can contribute towards achieving the SDG targets.  This could range from waste minimisation, improving recycling and community initiatives, introduce incentives for energy reduction, identify ethical purchasing sources etc. We can assist you with implementing a sustainability plan and create communication and awareness raising workshops to engage with your staff.

Option 2:  Policy and Strategy Planning

Unless you have an environmental background, understanding the impact of your business on the environment can be confusing and discouraging.

We can help you identify where you are on your journey and implement the next steps, be it sustainability strategies, sustainability plans, policies, procedures, objectives or targets.

We can also assist in preparing reports and analysing data for key performance indicators.

Option 3: Staff Awareness Raising Workshops

Environmental champions are often bombarded with the task of putting together training materials and workshops for awareness raising activities, but if marketing and communication is not your area, it can feel like a minefield.

We can help you with developing sustainability strategies, policies, procedures, developing workshops and training programs to raise awareness within your organisation for staff.  We can either prepare the materials for you to deliver, or at an added cost can deliver the training.

Option 4: Exploring Circular Economy

Are you interested in circular economy? We can help you run workshops to explore how circular economy would work for your products.

Option 5: Mentoring towards Environmental & Sustainability Initiatives

Regardless of where you are in your business journey, whether it is a fledgling with just you, or a more established business, feel free to arrange for an online discussion with us. We can mentor you through your journey.

This works very well for businesses who are keen to have a someone to work with without the burden on onsite consultancy. It works out much cheaper than having a consultant travel to you and bill you for transport and accommodation.

Learn more about your personal carbon and environmental footprint, by answering a few questions on the WWF Footprint Calculator.  It’s a quick way of understanding your personal environmental impact.

The work you do here will kick-start the process to becoming a more responsible business and direct you towards an accredited route should you choose to go for it.

Sustainable Development and the role of Business

Want to help achieve the SDG 2030 targets? Thinking of implementing environmental and sustainability projects as part of supply chains? Below are links to articles written to assist small businesses with SDG ideas:

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